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Virtualization Architecture and Development
R2AD is focused heavliy on Virtual Machines, primarly using the technologies avialable from VMware. We help companies and projects transition from the older physical models to the newer virtual computing environment. We work well as a team partner to help bring virtualization and Cloud Computing to the field!

Research & Analysis
R2AD can provide your team with rapid analysis of current and emerging product areas. If you want to get a "heads up" on what your customer will think, we can help. If you are wondering "how can my product be better", let us provide you some unique insights which can help you capture your market space. This is an extremely valuable service which includes systems engineering, rapid prototyping, and customer liaison support. We specialize in System Design, OO, Cloud Computing, Security, Virtualization, Java, Windows, UNIX and networking.

Training VidCasts are now available! Contact R2AD for Cloud, Operating System, Virtualization, C4ISR, or custom web-based training solutions. We support on-site training as well.

R2AD can provide general Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) for software intensive systems. We have experience in developing test plans, custom message stimulators, and executing stress tests. We employ automated software analysis as well, especially when source code is available.

Software Development
R2AD is adept at producing custom software. We interact with other contractors - we are a team-player. The R2AD software life-cycle is quality oriented in nature, in that we document requirements, design in depth, and skillfully code and test. Our end-sytems are built to be Available, Dependeable, and Survivable. Contact the software development team regarding Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA), Cloud Computing (including Amazon Web Services - AWS), Java, Project Management, and other full software life cycle support.

White Papers are available and are also published through BiblioTronix. R2AD papers

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