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Web/Trace offers a window into the buisiness logic being executed on the server (via the web) and also from within thick clients. It is more than just logging - however it does provide basic logging as well.
Take a look at our presentation on Web/Trace to see how it might help your project. If you are interested in receiving the distributable "jar" file, please contact us or visit Forge.mil.


Teleclient is a turnkey solution based on Sun Secure Global Desktop and Virtual machines to provide secure browser based access to your client applications.

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R2AD has other products currently under development. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us. Our affiliates program can also keep you informed. We are exicited about our research and development efforts which will yield new software and electronic products in the future. Here are some of the products which we are working on:
  • Secure Remote Desktop Computing (Teleclient)
  • Web/Trace - Dynamic Control of logging
  • Electronic Publishing & Readers
  • Grid Enabled Appliances (GEA)
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