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On-Line R2AD Laboratory is currently off-line.

We are excited about all the products and services we are planning on providing! Please stay tuned or contact us right away if you needed access to the feature you were trying to get to.

While access to our on-line laboratory is not available at this time, we do recommend a visit to to JPL's site:

Or perhaps learn about Franklin, Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin
The On-Line R2AD Laboratory provides our customers (and even ourselves) with a look into the future. While most of the real lab work is not available to the public, those partners and customers that have the appropriate agreements with our company can obtain demos, samples, and early access to our research. This enables us to share and collaborate with acedamia as well as our corporate and goverment affiliates.

  • Early Releases - Get first hand access to our latest technology
  • White Papers - We provide white papers at not cost to the general public.
  • Briefing Slides - Always give credit where credit is due.
  • Demo Sites - See some experimental pages before they are released to the general public.
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