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Grid Computing

R2AD beleives the future of computer science will evolve toward grid computing. This is a natural extension of the computer industry, maturing from Mainframes, APRANET, the Internet, to SOA, to Grid and Cloud.
R2AD is helping DoD and commercial entities reach the goal of distributed computing interoperability in order to:
  • acquire, store and manage large volumes of generated, distributed, complex data and information in real-time
  • easily manipulate that information and combine it with data from other sources to perform highly complex simulations and modelling
  • conceptualise, interpret and visualise the results of such complex modelling and simulations in ways to increase knowledge discovery and precision decision making speed
Solving this computational challenge is an enormous task for which R2AD is committed to being involved at many levels, to include standards bodies such as the GGF and the Globus Alliance . Global Grid Forum

R2AD makes available White Papers based on on-going research and experience.

R2AD collaborated with the Open Grid Services Architecture Working Group (OGSA-WG). The standards process is important and extremely vital for the grid vision and R2AD is committed to these goals:
  • Being a Grid Technology liaison between the commercial and government worlds: Advocate
  • Supporting the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and the future of Open Source initiatives: Involvement
  • Designing tools and environments for grid computing in cooperation of many organizations: Implementation of Standards
  • Helping to ensure that the standards process can work to achieve grid interoperability: Vision

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