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   Affiliates gain access to our laboratories. Gain direct access to our engineers and collaborate in a shared environment.

  Portal Technology. Each affiliates gets their own portal that can be customized.

  Communicate Use the blogging capabilties to post new information and to search what is available.

  Employee WebMail Employees have access to mail, calendar, tasks, via the net. R2AD Mail.
R2AD welcomes companies to join our affiliate program:

  • Share Ideas - A forum for sharing the best way to get the mission accomplished
  • Laboratory Access - Get first hand access to our latest technology
  • Zero Cost - We offer this service to our valued partners, at not cost!
  • Experiment - Use this forum to perform web-based software experiments
  • Learn - Shared experiences to help others know what works and what doesn't
  • Research - Access the Knowledge base via web logs
  • Publish on the Web - We recommend DotEasy to our partners, click:
    $0 Web Hosting
  • R2AD Logos - R2AD Trademarked Logos
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